At the (Deep Breath) Kingstowne, Alexandria, Del Ray and Dupont Markets May 23, 24, 25 2008


(flowering chives from New Morning Farm-Dupont Farmers Market_

Wow! What a wonderful weekend we had here in the Washington DC area. These are the days we cling to when the summer turns up the heat and humidity.

Since I was a bit under the weather on Friday, Frank went to the Kingstowne farmers market. Frank noticed a few new vendors at the market. Salsas Las Glorias was selling fresh salsa and tortilla chips. He bought a pint for $6.50, and I can tell you that you won’t find this comming out of a jar. Short of making it yourself-this salsa is the freshest you can get. I believe Salsas Las Glorias is also at the Ballston farmers market on Fridays from 11-3.

Bees n’ Blossoms from Providence Forge, VA sells all things bee pollen and honey. It’s good to see so many local honey vendors thriving. BnB sells honey, honey jellies, honey and wine jellies, herbal honey, creamed honey, honey with bee pollen, bee pollen, bee pollen tea bags and bees wax hand cream. These folks take their honey seriously, and are passionate about the health benefits of bee honey and pollen.

Susie’s Cookies also joined the market with handmade gourmet cookies.

Other market favorites returned, such as Crackpot Gourmet, who supplied Frank with a jar of their new jelly. It’s delicious with a spicy sweet flavor. Smita of Crackpot Gourmet has asked us to help come up with a name for the jelly-Frank and I have some ideas and I’ll let you know the winning name when I hear!

Middleburg Creamery’s truck returned to the market with their terrific ice creams. The owner has sold her little country cafe in Middleburg, but she still supplies the ice cream to the store. She is now focusing on making ice cream and selling it at farmers markets and fairs.

Saturday, Frank and I went to the farmers market at Del Ray. The market was teaming with customers who gathered on the picnic benches to catch up with one another. On the produce front, the mainstays are still asparagus and strawberries. Terrific sweets are sold by Bonaparte Breads, Gracie’s Pastries and Kudzu Cookies.

A nice surprise awaited me at the Alexandria City market-West Virginia’s Spring Valley Farm joined the market and had their first Saturday on May 24. They were quite popular right away. SVF had gobs of strawberries, greens, and even ramps. Of note was their lower prices here as compared to their prices at the Dupont Market. Strawberries were $1.50 less, and ramps were $1 less in Alexandria, compared to Dupont.

Frank and I (along with Tucker) enjoyed a nice breakfast of Emine’s sweet and savory baklavahs along with a large cup of freshly squeezed orange juice.

On Sunday, Frank and I loaded Tucker in the Subaru and headed into DC to go to the Dupont farmers market. The market stalls were overflowing with gorgeous flowers, produce and baked goods. I picked up goldent beets at New Morning Farm, garlic scapes at Next Step Produce, and from Keswick Creamery-a dozen of my favorite eggs and some Ba Ba Blue Cheese. It was a lovely morning at the market. Well, except for the crazy homeless guy who accosted my husband and dog while they waited for me to get coffee from Starbucks.

Check out the post below to see photos of the DC Mall, Monuments and Rolling Thunder which I took after our Dupont Market visit. My favorite picture of a boy looking at the names on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial made it into DCist today. Yay!

7 Responses to “At the (Deep Breath) Kingstowne, Alexandria, Del Ray and Dupont Markets May 23, 24, 25 2008”

  1. Thanks for the honey info! Also, I checked out Crackpot Gourmet’s website and I’m dying to try the Ba Ja Margarita. Again, I had no idea that there was a Friday market in Kingstowne. I’m excited to pay them a visit.

  2. Hi Susan,
    Kingstown is very nice-along with the vendors I mentioned, there is Allenberg Orchards (Smithburg, MD) who will join up in a couple weeks when they have cherries. Theeeee best cherries and peaches ANYWHERE. Wait until you try them-you’ll see why they always have a long line!

  3. I sampled some of Keswick’s Ba Ba Blue for the first time this weekend, delicious! Are you eating yours straight or using it in something?

    Thanks for the blogroll link!

  4. Hi Foodie Tots,
    I love to use the blue cheese in salads, but I think I’m going to make a souffle with this…I’ve got my gears turning to make it a seasonal dish. What’s neat is that I’ll be making the souffle with Keswick’s eggs-so it will be a Keswick themed dish!

  5. this morning i took your advice and went to see Spring Valley Farms at the Alexandria Town Square farmers market. they were being REALLY generous with their greens and I got an OVERFLOWING small basket for $3. I also got some decent looking snap peas. Upon your raves about ramps, i picked up a basket for $5. HELP! what do i do with them? I can’t wait to hear your suggestions

  6. Here’s the link to my frittata recipe. So easy and so good! It reheats really well, too.

  7. I went to the Wakefield Farmers Market today (6/18) and Salsa Las Glorias was there. OMG that is some delicious salsa! The chips are wonderful as well!

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