At The Del Ray And Dupont Farmer Markets May 10 & 11, 2008


The skies opened opened up this weekend, and it’s still raining! Fortunately, it didn’t deter people from going to the markets. The Del Ray market held its full compliment of vendors including Three Way Farm, whose tables were repleat with strawberries, asparagus, rainbow chard and baby arugula. I bought a quart of strawberries, a large bunch of rainbow chard, and baby arugula.

Asparagus is still in season, and a farmer from Culpepper, VA had beautiful, thin-stalked bundles for $2 a bunch. And, I’m still digging spring onions which I found for $1.25 a bundle.

You know what I’m not digging? A $.50 hike in the price of a saltena at Marcela’s Bakery stand. Not that they aren’t worth it, because they are all that and then some. But, so far this season, there are no napkins, no forks and dammit, no firey green jalapeno sauce. What up with that?

A gentlman in front of me asked for the sauce and was told that they will have some next week. We’ll see. At least my saltenas were put in a plastic container. It came in handy right after my purchase, when a bucket of water rolled off the edge of the canopy onto my head and right down my neck!

On Sunday morning, Frank and I got to the Dupont market just before the bell rang. I wanted to be sure I could ge my favorite eggs from Keswick Creamery, along with a feta sampler-a terrific bargain at $5. Speaking of cheese, Everona Dairy debuted at the market. Everona produces artisinal sheep’s milk cheese from their dairy in Virginia’s Piedmont region, where the climate and terroir is perfect for cheese making.


Owner, Dr. Pat Elliott, was on hand to give out samples and answer questions. All of the cheeses looked beautiful, but alas, I had spent my lot and will have to wait until next week to purchase some Everona cheese to enjoy at home. I’m looking forward to filling you in on my purchase!

Surprisingly, Spring Valley Farm from W. VA had ramps, along with New Morning Farm, where I purchased a bunch for $3. It’s been interesting to see how the ramps grow (and become stronger in flavor and scent) larger over the month or so that they’ve been available. New Morning also had long, firm stalks of rhubarb which I purchased at $3.60 a pound. I’m going to combine the rhubarb with strawberries to make a dessert, and use the rest to make a compote which I will pair with pork loin.

So, I have lots of wonderful fruit and produce to work with this week. Stay tuned for recipes and photos!

Until the next At The Market, eat and buy local when you can, and enjoy the photos.

6 Responses to “At The Del Ray And Dupont Farmer Markets May 10 & 11, 2008”

  1. Everona’s cracked pepper is one of my favorite cheeses, great stuff. They carry it at Cheesetique if you don’t want to wait till the weekend!

  2. Hey! Thanks for the tip, C. You know, I wanted to try a few of the cheeses that Dr. Pat was sampling, but I kind of skulked away when I knew I didn’t have enough left to purchase any.
    I”ll be in Del Ray this week, so this is a great excuse to stop into one of my all time faves-Cheesetique!

  3. I am sending a link to my daughter who just moved to Shirlington so she can check out these farmer’s markets!

  4. Hi Deborah,
    Also let her know about the Alexandria West End Market on Sunday!

  5. ooh, I go to Dupont Market too. I just never know what the protocol is for taking pictures.

  6. Hi Olga,
    It’s a public space so you can snap photos. I like going early before the bell rings so I don’t get in people’s way.

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