At The Dupont Farmers Market- March 9, 2008

Today, the cold weather and “Spring forward” loss of an hour’s sleep left the Dupont Market less crowded than last week. Actually, I think if the wind chill had not lowered the temperature by about 10 degrees, it would have been hopping. Or, perhaps the fact that we were at the market an hour later than usual allowed us to avoid any earlier crowds. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the short lines and seemingly more plentiful selection of produce. In particular, I noticed radishes galore! Small globe-like radishes, and miniature carrot shaped radishes- all colored an almost magenta red and some which yielded red to a snow white tip. Kale, chard and spinach is coming on a bit stronger as well. Some of the greens, unfortunately, were wilting in the wind (chill). This week, I narrowed in on one of my favorite produce vendors, Next Step Farm. The last time I “timed” my visit in order to buy from Next Step (they have been at the market every other week for the better part of the winter) I enjoyed a new to my palate favorite; tat soi. I have not seen tat soi since and was so happy I gave it a try. Actually, it’s hard to walk by the beauty of this leafy green. I sauteed it at home, and also enjoyed tat soi in a version of Chris’ Market empanadas, which if you’ve been following my market adventures, you know I’ve become a big fan.Today at Next Step, sunchokes caught my eye. Read the caption in the photo and see just how nutritious they are and how wonderful they taste. I asked the gentleman/owner? about how to make it and he recommended just washing them (no peeling-love that!) and giving the sunchokes some S&P and olive oil, baking/roasting them in the oven. I have got it in my head to prepare it in the manner that Harold, Top Chef season 1, prepared it for a challenge; Braised Lamb Shank with Sunchoke Puree and Spring Vegetables. Doesn’t that sound amazing? I may give the recipe a go! And, if any of you could share with me how you prepare sunchokes, I’d love to hear from you.

I also bought a half dozen small rolls from Bonaparte Bakery. On the way to the market today, my husband Frank wondered if there were any sub type rolls at the market because he wanted to use leftover meatballs (from making Wedding Soup) to make hot sandwiches for dinner. I thought that was a terrific idea and hence: we planned on making meatball “sliders”* with Blue Ridge Dairy mozzarella ($6).

Next week, I hope to get Blue Ridge’s burrata and hope more information about their herd and history of making this traditionally imported- from -Italy- delight.

Until the next at the market-eat and buy local when you can.

*The meatball sliders were fantastic! The individual rolls from Bonaparte Breads and Blue Ridge Dairy’s fresh mozzarella really made the meatball sliders.


Now that’s what I’m talking about!!

4 Responses to “At The Dupont Farmers Market- March 9, 2008”

  1. Wow- great blog! I love it! The pictures, the recipes… the fact that you’re in the same town as I am so all of the in season things your dealing with are the same as the ones I’m dealing with :)

    I’ve bookmarked you and will be back often!

    I’m only ever roasted sunchokes- they’re delicious. I chopped them up with some other random root veggies that I got in my CSA box, brushed over a little olive oil and roasted for 30 minutes or so. Then I added a little balsamic and most likely a little sea salt. Hopefully I’ll get more this year so I can try the soup. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Gina,
    What CSA do you use? I hope to get more as well so I can roast them.
    Stay tuned for the Spring and Summer, when I cover more markets and some incredible fruits. Meanwhile ,waiting for ramps…..;-)

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  4. Its called Star Hollow farm, they come down from PA. They operate all year long, and slightly different from others in that you have quite a bit of control over what (if anything) you get each week. I think they are full right now, but more info is on their site I believe they participate in the Dupont market during summer as well.

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