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Foot Fetish Daily Discount

New Discount for Foot Fetish Daily

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Sometimes, people can be really weird with their taste. And here I am now speaking about being weird like I’m not guilty of my own convictions. But I guess when it comes to having sex with a woman, the quirks are rather justifiable. Why I’m telling you all this will go in line with the porn site we are going to review for today.


Our Foot Fetish Daily Review

It’s not really an uncommon kind of niche, but when done really well can go greater lengths as to make someone develop the same kind of fetish too. What I’m talking about here is the one that goes by the name of Foot Fetish Daily.

Truth is, you don’t really have to ask me anymore about what this site is all about. The name itself gives it away. Or so we thought. You see, with the amount of porn sites popping up more frequently than before, these adult entertainment companies have to keep their games in an upward motion, which is a really good thing because we can finally get to see recycled niches in newer lights.

It makes me believe that greater things are to come all the time and I’m so happy about all of it, especially with what this site has done for people with fetishes like me. But believe me, I wasn’t at all a foot loving man before until I’ve seen what this company has done. One can safely say they have really put their heart and soul in it.

What you are about to witness in the realm of Foot Fetish Daily would be some really hardcore kind of pornographic material that will kill you off your tracks. And you wouldn’t mind getting killed by it over and over again, because it’s way too epic to just be missed and unseen. As of today, they have already banked 450 plus videos for you to watch, all foot fetish material that will float your boat amongst everyone out there with the same affinity. It’s gonna be over a hundred hours worth of exceptional and savory enjoyment for you, so thank the Gods for good porn companies like this one.

Peter North Discount

New Discount for Peter North

$9.95 for 30 Days

$5.25 every month for 365 Days


You know, when you feel like such an ass for being by a girl that you have been trying to pursue for a long time now, don’t force yourself and don’t drown in self-pity. Instead, be strong and just do shit. There are more important matter at hands that you should be attending to. It’s not something you should be taking seriously for the moment, so if anything, just go and fuck girls who are willing to put out. If you want to know how, then you better start adapting the ways of the Peter North.


Our Only Teen Blowjobs Review

He should be addressed with “The” as if he’s a good because as a matter of fact, he is in his own rights. He knows very well how to handle himself, he knows when and how to rise from any kind of fall. He knows his own way and for me, that is something most people should do, especially guys out there who suck ass when it comes to wooing women.

So if that’s the kind of guy you are, then that makes you a lucky guy because you’re in for a really neat treat with what our guy Peter can really offer. All the good sex that happens out of whims, you can make that happen for yourself too. And take note that most of the videos here are done out of spontaneity, which should make you all the more hopeful.

What the Peter North discount has for you is the most exhilarating ride of your life because seriously, everything is way too vivid and it would delight you to know that most of it is done through self-confidence, determination and whatever virtue is necessary be instilled. His site is currently home to over 980 videos, and these are videos worth at least 35 minutes each on average. He fucks girls from virtually every walk of life. If there’s a walk you haven’t noticed yet, just know that he’s already on it. He’s not much of a photo guy, but you can still see photo galleries brimming with a delightful collection of bold and unrestrained women, sometimes snippets of them being fucked by our Casanova.

There’s more to Peter North than you can imagine. The best thing is that you can finally hold them firmly by subscribing.


FakeHub Discount

New Discount for FakeHub

$9.95 for 30 Days


Fakehub is a single platform for six different porn sites that use “Fake” as a prefix in their name. This includes, Fake taxi, fake agents and fake doctors etc. along with other guys who charm their way in to these girls’ pants. This is also a good bet, since it provides you with the unbiased content of all these 6 sites for the price of only one, which is a huge no brainer to argue.


Our FakeHub Review

Fakehub acts as a centralized storage for all these 6 porn sites, where unsuspecting girls are duped and filmed while having sex by professional pickup artists. When anyone of these 6 sites updates their individual sites with a video or an image gallery, it is automatically updated here at this site, which makes it a regularly updated site. When a member logs in the site, the first thing he or she sees is the recent updates made by these sites. The network also provides HD qualities 1080p video scenes from all over the six sites. In fake taxi, a taxi driver roams the streets of London, picking up girls as fares and then duping them into having sex with him.

Fake agents set up different offices in Europe and call up girls to audition them, while the girls have no idea about what an agent can ask them to legally do. Fake Doctor, features a doctor who deceives young patients into having sex with them using different medical diagnosis and techniques. The doctor is so smart that the girls do not realize that they are being sexually trapped till the end. The only way to pay the doctor is to give up and undress.

There are more than 1600 videos available at Fakehub, all of which are exclusively shot and most of them can be viewed online directly via the HD player the site provides, while they can also be downloaded to view them at a later time. The site does not provide any photo sets or galleries, but it sure makes up for them by providing extremely impeccable HD videos. These cameras maybe hidden, but they surely do not compromise on the quality of the video as most of these videos are of either 720p or 1080p. All the old movies are also remastered to match up to 1080p.

The Fakehub discount membership packages vary from trial membership to yearly membership. The trial membership package costs $1 for 3 days, during which the user can view all the contents of these six amazing sites for 3 straight days. After this, the package continues as monthly package unless the subscription is cancelled. The monthly package costs $25. 3 months of subscription costs $60. Moreover, the yearly subscription of amazing and stunning British and European girls costs $110.
The content on each individual website is added once or twice a week, but at the network, the site is updated once or even twice a day. This makes it a very regularly updated site with huge upside potential.


Border Patrol Sex Discount

New Discount for Border Patrol Sex

$9.95 for 30 Days


Border patrol sex follows the philosophy of rules are made so that they can be broken, but apparently bending the rules, and bending over some girls while doing so, is also the motto followed by this amazing porn site that makes exclusive pornographic content. All the videos in this website feature desperate girls who want to travel from one place to another, but their journey is halted by men in uniform, who will do anything to preserve the law, or they seem.


Our Border Patrol Sex Review

The content in the site is not real, which means it is scripted. But the scripted skit is nicely executed in every scene. All the videos feature stunning and sexy girls with different ethnic persuasion, who want to cross over the border in possession of alleged contraband, the only thing in their way, horny policemen.

Border Patrol sex features exactly what its name exhibits, policemen who have taken the oath of safeguarding the law, lose their honor after seeing these amazing blondes and brunettes and how desperate they are. The girls wish to cross into another place, but they do not have the documents to support that travel, so they auction of their bodies so that the patrol lets them go.

The website is fairly new, because most of the scenes on the website show the date stamp for December 2014. But they add more content to their website every 2 weeks, which means the rate of update is pretty rapid. Apart from the rate of update, the border patrol sex discount offers decent amount of pornographic content with bonus DVDs from third parties which are completely included with the membership you purchase to view the content they make. The videos are of nice enough quality and they can be viewed in 720p quality. Plus, they can be downloaded for later viewing as you see fit, and these downloads can be in different formats depending upon how and where you want to view them. There are about 12 videos available at present, which features girl striving hard to cross the border without getting spotted with traces of contraband on them.

The lighting in these videos is pretty decent, considering the fact that their only source of lighting is the greatest source of lighting, that is, the sun. Some of the scenes feature the POV camera angle, which allows the user to view the video from the eyes of the performer. There are no HD image galleries so to speak, but they include 4-6 images for every scene, not of HD quality but a good enough 579×574 aspect ratio.

The membership option features trial basis to yearly basis, where you can spend a dollar for a trial membership of 2 days, which gives you uninterrupted access to all the exclusive content. From there on in, $30 for a month, $60 for 3 months and $120 for a whole year of amazing porn. You won’t find a better deal than this on the net, so do not waste your time and money on any other porn site, when you can fulfill all your sexual fantasies here.


Only Teen BlowJobs Discount

New Discount for Only Teen Blowjobs

$14.95 for 30 Days

$4.16 every month for 365 Days


She is probably the most beautiful woman in the world. That is unarguable. You cannot reason with a man whose mind has been shattered by the infamy of his melancholic heart. You will not know why, but all the bad men in heaven wonder what brought them up there when the loveliest face still sail by her lonesome in the murky waters of the earth.


Our Only Teen Blowjobs Review

She matters to you not only because she feels right for you, but all the more because she is part of your sexual desires. You want her not only to kiss your crown, but do more with it. But why worry so much when you can find someone to do it for you, someone that can emulate her magicality. Someone who’s young and free-spirited, someone as hot and fresh as the young ladies from Only Teen Blowjobs.

If you’re going to ask me, this is probably one of the best porn sites I have ever stumbled upon when it comes to blowjob niches. There is nothing quite like it, the way the women are exhibited here, the way they are able to express themselves, wildly and happily never fails to bring my lips to a curve. I can almost feel like the women sucking the man’s cock is sucking my cock too. It just feels so lovely being with a teenager who still has her curiosity at its peak; any man would do anything just to experience that kind of invigoration.

She feels so sad, like real sad. And when you came to her life, she has become the happiest woman ever only for long moments. That’s how every teenage woman is. They feel lonely and the only thing that can quell their loneliness is the sexual satisfaction of a man who’s as lonely as she is. It is not hard to prove this with the realist videos of Only Teen Blowjobs. The way the videos are shot are emulative to found footage. They are women ranging from 18 to 25 years old and they have the feistiness that the wildest of men seek. 1800 plus videos await you and these vids would range from 10 minutes to 150 minutes depending on which site the video is sourced from.

There is more to our Only Teen Blowjobs discount that you can imagine. There is more to the HD quality videos, there is more to every vintage quality material they generated. There is more to all of it and that is all for you to discover.


VIPissy Discount

New Discount for VIPissy

$19.95 for 30 Days

$16.41 every month for 180 Days


She fell in love. And that was it. She fell in love. She no longer believed in anything. The books have become nothing but empty pages. It is summer but all that she sees outside are the painful memories of winter. She fell in love and then I had to move on, because she fell in love with someone else. Melancholic as it may be, there was nothing for me to do but move on from the heart-shattering tragedy. That was when I found the way of the ViPissy. While it is a porn site, it is most importantly relevant to my realizations and experiences, which is why it is always worth sharing to probably lonely guys like you.


Our VIPissy Review

The whole universe did not have to conspire against me. But she heard words whispered unto her ears. She got them fashioned out from an eternal moment. To a mere mortal, those words are the sounds of a silent spring. But to me it was eternal torment by the gods and I had no choice but to endure it and in my own ways find solace. I did. Thanks to this ridiculously beautiful porn site. In all truth, it’s one of the most elegant I have ever come across, which is a real treat given that most porn sites are messy, but this one is not but rather the contrary and I can’t help but drown myself into it all the time.

While she may have become a goddess, while the same words march as glorious hymns so worthy of her infinite beauty and of a love that is pure and everlasting, I am still able to move forward and even getting better because the ViPissy discount keeps me satisfied with a database of over 1,100 videos featuring all the hottest models unknown to many, making me and you among the most blessed creatures to live in this generation.

The niches range from blowjobs to anal acts and so many other styles and fetishes that might have never come across your mind but you’d be happy that this site will finally introduce to you. All the videos are rendered in full HD quality and all the videos range from 30 to 60 minutes each going from miniseries to full movies.

If there is an advice that I should give you, move on even from the truest love you have fought for because in the end you’ll have ViPissy by your side. They will never fail to feed your pornographic hungers. Discount

New Discount for

$14.99 for 30 Days

$12.49 every month for 365 Days

join has (over the years) introduced many people to different types of material, and the first time they came out was a long time ago. They first began in the UK, their fame of course could not be contained and they expanded from their adult magazine to DVD movie production, and they are now into the online website production. This official website will take you and dip you into the archives filled with all they have ever made. You can gain the older material they have inside, see how they progressed to the great current material that shows you hardcore videos.

Our Review

In the early days, porn was restricted and most of it was just softcore action, now everything is open like flower, let us get inside, and see what you can find and keep. The company that makes the material is international, bigger and competes with the best in the business. When it comes to the hardcore porn here, you will find videos that shame the lower resolution of inferior paysites. The videos spit out scenes that show you lesbian sex, asses destroyed by steady hardcore dick game, variety of pussies and breasts, and so much more.

They are now technology producing 4K HD videos, and even 3D videos as well. For those who just want normal HD films, you can find options for downloading and streaming. To get the full 3-Dimensional features, you will need the right accessories. You can find them easily enough anyway. All you need is a simple fast signing up method and you are set up. You will be able to see some discount stuff with the free access you get, but to really dig-in, you will need to pay and become a member. You are taken to the homepage and you can navigate as you go along.

They have the tabs; you get links to the filters, tags, categories, pics, movies, models, extras, live chats, and so on. You can go for the highest rated, best, most recent, newest and so on. In this way, you’ll be able to check and sort the content much faster. They have mobile device formats that play great on mobile devices. You get download formats, different standards of qualities for you to select. It is all very professionally maintained and lovely.

You’ll be able to get a lot of current and former pornstars, models famously called ‘pets’ and the easy picture galleries are just great. You get to have downloading options, sizes that go from simple, normal res, to upper high res images. There are free informational emails sent by the company, information about merchandise and events, regular cam shows. It is as simple as this – if you want to have the best, beats the rest! It is essential that you give them the chance to turn you on, twist you inside out with all of their incredible content. This is no hype, this is fact, check them out!


WowPorn Discount

New Discount for WowPorn

$19.95 for 30 Days

$19.99 every month for 150 Days


Porn websites have to be unflinching and bold if they are going to attract any kind of positive result from fans and WowPorn is not different. They make and assert their claims of being number one in all things glamorous and erotic. They want you to take their claims very seriously and thus they work hard. They work hard to make the quality the best ever. They work hard to ensure lots of interest and variety inside their galleries. And this means updating more and more, porn fans can have such ferocious appetites so this website must feed their dedicated porn fans.


Our WowPorn Review

Once you are inside the website, then you get to have three options for websites. There is this one, then ‘Wow Girls’ which you can immediately access. The third one is called ‘18 Only Girls’ and its going to offer you access only after you have been a member for more than 3 months (90 days). Now this is not a bad deal, first, there are hundreds of movies, and second, you get to have awesome variety. Third advantage is the pile up of sexy models that you will get to intermingle with inside all these fabulous pornsites. Let us just say that you are going to have a nice variety of young bodies, fresh faces, and variety of sexual appetites.

The basis of their design is principled after utilitarian services that help you sift through content faster. The newest WowPorn discount videos come out nice and clean, you get a section where there all the latest updates. For searching purposes, you can go after the tags, categories to help you sought through. They keep the pictures and the movies separate for obvious reasons of better navigation and organization.

The search box there is also full of options that you can take advantage of. They have more than 226 videos inside, and have an online player for the members. You will get 1080p resolution movies that show you mp4 and wmv formats. You will also be able to download the movies and pics you want. There are slightly more pictures than movies, and they have high-resolution galleries as well.

The website is beautiful but it is also very easy to navigate. One thing they take seriously is making sure they can get the most beautiful babes for you. The ladies inside this website can be the reasons why your mood and feelings change into erotic and happy tunes. They have different types of niches and hardcore is professionally filmed. So why join WowPorn? They got updates, bonus galleries, sexy content, and experience. They also have HD and high res images. They got fantastically gorgeous ladies, and it is clear that you get other advantages once inside. You should join.


CumLouder Discount

New Discount for CumLouder

$9.95 for 30 Days

$7.45 every month for 365 Days


Some people say that inside this network called CumLouder there is actual dynamite content from various great niches of hardcore. Just read some of the pornsites they have – Latin Asses In Public, Street Suckers, Handjob Goddess, Cocks XL, Bitch Confessions, Stunning Butts, Boobs Day, etc. What these pornsites will influence you to do is achieve loving cumshots as you watch and enjoy. It’s not complicated, you place your trust in them, and they deliver hardcore porn, simple. To get to the porn, you sign up and go to the homepage. Then you get information on all the latest updates they have made. They are responsible for producing hundreds of videos with run time being between 30 to 50 minutes.


Our CumLouder Review

You will be able to see they have high-resolution galleries of images in formats that go to 3000pxl res. Matching the jpegs are the videos for they are HD videos. They have mp4, wmv, and flv file for streaming. At the time of penning this review, the network is pumping daily updates for you to watch. It’s true that once you are inside you are going to be alright cause the content is fresh, it’s pretty and it’s hardcore! Now what are the low highlights about this network? First of all the pornsites inside are many yes, but some have now settled on being rather lazy in updating. This means some are truly dormant.

Anyway, there isn’t much else to rant about except some of the older movies can have weaker resolution than the HD files nowadays updated. The CumLouder discount gives the Spanish sexy models and pornstars room to excel and fuck. Latina bodies just beg to be used when you see the sexy tan lines, the soft round goodness, and dripping tight holes. Brazilians and Latina females are also known for having such wide variety of asses.

They are beautiful with long hair. More variety is inside once you are ready. The network also produces what is called spoof comedy porn, thrillers, mainstream hardcore, etc. Presentation is key to every online pornsite in existence. It the first thing that gets you, and this network is very well presented. Models are listed, layout has links to the video viewing options you will need. The websites also have tags for searching, functionality has been enhanced.

A network such as CumLouder wins over your attraction through being a leading producer and through giving you hundreds of Spanish babes. They know exactly what they need their content to accomplish and thus have reduced the crappy movies to nonexistent inside their galleries. They have been waiting for a long time to reach this peak condition, they update, you just need to join and enjoy. Special? Yes indeed!


PornPros Discount

New Discount for PornPros

$17.95 for 30 Days

$9.99 every month for 365 Days


PornPros Network is quick to update because they know that they have to protect the market they have by keeping things fresh. Already having thousands of movies from their websites, they plan on adding more material multiple times during the week for your satisfaction. The material featured inside comes from the specific niche pornsites that they have and there are some that are more famous than others are. But as you go through the content, you will see that there are others you’ll really come to appreciate. Anything you like from cocks to Asian to big asses are inside this porn network. To set things right, they update everyday just for you!


Our PornPros Review

The stars inside this network are all across the board really, very different and very interesting. Therefore, that means lots of variety of legs, asses, boobs, hair color, complexion, ethnicity and so on. They find new amateurs and new upcoming pornstars from who knows where, but they do find them. The dirty stuff inside is in volumes so you’ll find what you need. They have 2860+ videos and this builds up some incredibly long hours of porn for you. Just make sure you use some lubricant to make sure you don’t peel off your skin as you enjoy yourself for hours on end (lol!)

The PornPros discount website has a banner showing various amazing features that they have. You will get trailers to play inside and these will just lead to more hunger on your side. The sites are inside the menu bar and it’s easy to find them. Most popular and most recent models and material gets to have a prominent place inside the homepage. You can browse all the updates randomly or start by going to the different websites. You will be okay navigating inside because they have search options, have links, and drop down menus. To get your funk on you can check out a long list of categories offered by the network. This brings you content that is more specific in nature.

Amongst your sorting options are ratings and models names. You can choose to stream the movies right there or go about downloading the videos. The longer scenes are cut into simple clips; the highest quality that is inside contains HD movies for you to watch. If you do download the full movies you’ll have to use faster connections for you to get faster downloads. But every step of the way you can see that the network is fully professional.

PornPros Network is a tall and fully filled empire of sorts that has really well produced videos and content. They have hardcore porn at a very economically doable price for you to check out. You need to get inside and get hours of service that will leave you breathless and thrilled!


RylskyArt Discount

New Discount for RylskyArt

$9.99 for 30 Days

$8.33 every month for 365 Days


RylskyArt assures any new member that they have intimate material unlike the flavor that other websites promise. They say that the personality of models is brought out in rich color and that they have the most artistic erotica around. Now, of course you know that they have to market themselves as strong and capable, but is this the case? That’s the true question! With their expanding catalog, that already contains over two hundred and fifty models; they pack some serious numbers in terms of pictures. They have over 52755 pictures and your membership is going to give you backstage access.


Our RylskyArt Review

The files for videos include flv, avi, mp4, while the multi bandwidth capacity of the website also helps them deliver 1080p HD movies. Smaller resolutions, 720p files, are there too. Your right to download and stream the movies is given to you fully. Information on the picture shoots contains models name, description of her charm and sexiness, and action is both outdoors and indoors. They like natural lighting, which does have many great benefits of showing genuine beauty of the models. The camera is swayed this way and that, always in focus so high resolution picture shots are always there. You get to see nudity, lingerie, long legs, girls kissing, stretches, and a variety of body types. Even the simple presentation has an aroma of style that elicits desire from you and they have user-friendly navigation features.

They used to be a new pornsite some time back but now they are not and they update regularly. Videos are in smaller proportion compared to the pictures, expected considering the magazine style of presentation and the subject matter – naturally sexy young babes. Because of this, images are much more frequently uploaded inside. Everything is placed and arranged with care inside this pornsite. You can see the effort that they make; you can see it’s easy to navigate.

You will be able to download. There is buffering of the movies when you load them on the online player, but it doesn’t take long to load. You will be able to save the stocking wearing blonde girl action while waiting for them to show their bodies for your pleasure. The wardrobe each girl wears is chosen to suit her body and to increase the erotic levels of her seduction. Most (basically all) of the girls inside are between 18 to very early twenties. There seems to be a string choice of going for new faces, amateurs, rather than the glamorized pornstars. The 3 sizes for the pictures give you normal, high, and super high resolution. If you can expand the upper high jpegs to full screen, you get 2912by4368 pixel resolution, bigger than your screen no doubt.

Taking a chance on the RylskyArt discount isn’t gambling and hoping you get the right results. It’s an investment into erotic arty productions and stunning girl beauty. It’s still a valid worthy recommendation that you check them out.


Playboy Plus Discount

New Discount for Playboy Plus

$14.95 for 30 Days

$9.95 every month for 365 Days


Playboy Plus notoriety partly comes from being a branch of the mighty empire that has always been Playboy. The proportion of material they have now is tremendously bigger. This is because they have added more celebrities into their collection, bunnies, models, pornstars, and amateurs. Back in the era when popular porn was in high glossy fashionable magazines, these guys ruled with an iron grip! They were the best; they attracted all the fame and controversy. Everyone knew what they were about from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and now they are moving on to the internet domain.


Our Playboy Plus Review

They have more than 6000 scenes and so many pictures, 4000+ models. Access for this particular pornsite gives you generational archives of the best material Playboy has ever produced. The quality of the website is just like the quality of the entire franchise, simply amazing! Professionalism is all over the place and they have used their brand power to work with the latest Hollywood celebrities and find the best new gorgeous models. You will be able to see the famous faces once inside. Your membership means you are conspiring with a leading pioneer in all things that deal with nudity, grace, beauty, and erotic. From our point of view, this is definitely not a bad partnership to have, let’s discover more.

The main pointers you need to know about the content inside is that they have amateurs, cyber girls, playmates, celebs, coed girls, internationals. Each category has thumbnail to preview. Arrangement is through rating, most watched, and latest additions. The other big menu leads you to videos, girls, gallery. They spare no expense when it comes to showing you high quality streaming formats that you can enjoy. You get HD streams of 1080p resolution. Depending on what the videos is aiming for, you get full nudity and nothing too vile explicit like bukkake hardcore. They deal with sophisticated stuff here.

All pics and videos are linked, interlinked, finding similar stuff is easy. For quicker browsing of the content, you can use the niches given. If you want vintage, you get options for going back where the quality will not be so high quality like recent stuff. The gallery for models is arranged to be easily handled by the user. Members have browsing and zip file formats to download. Tasteful stripping and posing, art erotica, softcore, nude modeling picture shoots are the normal things you’ll find inside. Articles are also a big part of the Playboy experience and you get them inside this site.

There is need to reiterate the magnitude of the Playboy Plus discount provided and the company backing this website, since everything inside is too gorgeous to miss. You need a pass; you need to never miss out on anything else once you become a member. Do it today.