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Border patrol sex follows the philosophy of rules are made so that they can be broken, but apparently bending the rules, and bending over some girls while doing so, is also the motto followed by this amazing porn site that makes exclusive pornographic content. All the videos in this website feature desperate girls who want to travel from one place to another, but their journey is halted by men in uniform, who will do anything to preserve the law, or they seem.


Our Border Patrol Sex Review

The content in the site is not real, which means it is scripted. But the scripted skit is nicely executed in every scene. All the videos feature stunning and sexy girls with different ethnic persuasion, who want to cross over the border in possession of alleged contraband, the only thing in their way, horny policemen.

Border Patrol sex features exactly what its name exhibits, policemen who have taken the oath of safeguarding the law, lose their honor after seeing these amazing blondes and brunettes and how desperate they are. The girls wish to cross into another place, but they do not have the documents to support that travel, so they auction of their bodies so that the patrol lets them go.

The website is fairly new, because most of the scenes on the website show the date stamp for December 2014. But they add more content to their website every 2 weeks, which means the rate of update is pretty rapid. Apart from the rate of update, the border patrol sex discount offers decent amount of pornographic content with bonus DVDs from third parties which are completely included with the membership you purchase to view the content they make. The videos are of nice enough quality and they can be viewed in 720p quality. Plus, they can be downloaded for later viewing as you see fit, and these downloads can be in different formats depending upon how and where you want to view them. There are about 12 videos available at present, which features girl striving hard to cross the border without getting spotted with traces of contraband on them.

The lighting in these videos is pretty decent, considering the fact that their only source of lighting is the greatest source of lighting, that is, the sun. Some of the scenes feature the POV camera angle, which allows the user to view the video from the eyes of the performer. There are no HD image galleries so to speak, but they include 4-6 images for every scene, not of HD quality but a good enough 579×574 aspect ratio.

The membership option features trial basis to yearly basis, where you can spend a dollar for a trial membership of 2 days, which gives you uninterrupted access to all the exclusive content. From there on in, $30 for a month, $60 for 3 months and $120 for a whole year of amazing porn. You won’t find a better deal than this on the net, so do not waste your time and money on any other porn site, when you can fulfill all your sexual fantasies here.