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Peter North Discount

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$9.95 for 30 Days

$5.25 every month for 365 Days


You know, when you feel like such an ass for being by a girl that you have been trying to pursue for a long time now, don’t force yourself and don’t drown in self-pity. Instead, be strong and just do shit. There are more important matter at hands that you should be attending to. It’s not something you should be taking seriously for the moment, so if anything, just go and fuck girls who are willing to put out. If you want to know how, then you better start adapting the ways of the Peter North.


Our Only Teen Blowjobs Review

He should be addressed with “The” as if he’s a good because as a matter of fact, he is in his own rights. He knows very well how to handle himself, he knows when and how to rise from any kind of fall. He knows his own way and for me, that is something most people should do, especially guys out there who suck ass when it comes to wooing women.

So if that’s the kind of guy you are, then that makes you a lucky guy because you’re in for a really neat treat with what our guy Peter can really offer. All the good sex that happens out of whims, you can make that happen for yourself too. And take note that most of the videos here are done out of spontaneity, which should make you all the more hopeful.

What the Peter North discount has for you is the most exhilarating ride of your life because seriously, everything is way too vivid and it would delight you to know that most of it is done through self-confidence, determination and whatever virtue is necessary be instilled. His site is currently home to over 980 videos, and these are videos worth at least 35 minutes each on average. He fucks girls from virtually every walk of life. If there’s a walk you haven’t noticed yet, just know that he’s already on it. He’s not much of a photo guy, but you can still see photo galleries brimming with a delightful collection of bold and unrestrained women, sometimes snippets of them being fucked by our Casanova.

There’s more to Peter North than you can imagine. The best thing is that you can finally hold them firmly by subscribing.


FakeHub Discount

New Discount for FakeHub

$9.95 for 30 Days


Fakehub is a single platform for six different porn sites that use “Fake” as a prefix in their name. This includes, Fake taxi, fake agents and fake doctors etc. along with other guys who charm their way in to these girls’ pants. This is also a good bet, since it provides you with the unbiased content of all these 6 sites for the price of only one, which is a huge no brainer to argue.


Our FakeHub Review

Fakehub acts as a centralized storage for all these 6 porn sites, where unsuspecting girls are duped and filmed while having sex by professional pickup artists. When anyone of these 6 sites updates their individual sites with a video or an image gallery, it is automatically updated here at this site, which makes it a regularly updated site. When a member logs in the site, the first thing he or she sees is the recent updates made by these sites. The network also provides HD qualities 1080p video scenes from all over the six sites. In fake taxi, a taxi driver roams the streets of London, picking up girls as fares and then duping them into having sex with him.

Fake agents set up different offices in Europe and call up girls to audition them, while the girls have no idea about what an agent can ask them to legally do. Fake Doctor, features a doctor who deceives young patients into having sex with them using different medical diagnosis and techniques. The doctor is so smart that the girls do not realize that they are being sexually trapped till the end. The only way to pay the doctor is to give up and undress.

There are more than 1600 videos available at Fakehub, all of which are exclusively shot and most of them can be viewed online directly via the HD player the site provides, while they can also be downloaded to view them at a later time. The site does not provide any photo sets or galleries, but it sure makes up for them by providing extremely impeccable HD videos. These cameras maybe hidden, but they surely do not compromise on the quality of the video as most of these videos are of either 720p or 1080p. All the old movies are also remastered to match up to 1080p.

The Fakehub discount membership packages vary from trial membership to yearly membership. The trial membership package costs $1 for 3 days, during which the user can view all the contents of these six amazing sites for 3 straight days. After this, the package continues as monthly package unless the subscription is cancelled. The monthly package costs $25. 3 months of subscription costs $60. Moreover, the yearly subscription of amazing and stunning British and European girls costs $110.
The content on each individual website is added once or twice a week, but at the network, the site is updated once or even twice a day. This makes it a very regularly updated site with huge upside potential.


WowPorn Discount

New Discount for WowPorn

$19.95 for 30 Days

$19.99 every month for 150 Days


Porn websites have to be unflinching and bold if they are going to attract any kind of positive result from fans and WowPorn is not different. They make and assert their claims of being number one in all things glamorous and erotic. They want you to take their claims very seriously and thus they work hard. They work hard to make the quality the best ever. They work hard to ensure lots of interest and variety inside their galleries. And this means updating more and more, porn fans can have such ferocious appetites so this website must feed their dedicated porn fans.


Our WowPorn Review

Once you are inside the website, then you get to have three options for websites. There is this one, then ‘Wow Girls’ which you can immediately access. The third one is called ‘18 Only Girls’ and its going to offer you access only after you have been a member for more than 3 months (90 days). Now this is not a bad deal, first, there are hundreds of movies, and second, you get to have awesome variety. Third advantage is the pile up of sexy models that you will get to intermingle with inside all these fabulous pornsites. Let us just say that you are going to have a nice variety of young bodies, fresh faces, and variety of sexual appetites.

The basis of their design is principled after utilitarian services that help you sift through content faster. The newest WowPorn discount videos come out nice and clean, you get a section where there all the latest updates. For searching purposes, you can go after the tags, categories to help you sought through. They keep the pictures and the movies separate for obvious reasons of better navigation and organization.

The search box there is also full of options that you can take advantage of. They have more than 226 videos inside, and have an online player for the members. You will get 1080p resolution movies that show you mp4 and wmv formats. You will also be able to download the movies and pics you want. There are slightly more pictures than movies, and they have high-resolution galleries as well.

The website is beautiful but it is also very easy to navigate. One thing they take seriously is making sure they can get the most beautiful babes for you. The ladies inside this website can be the reasons why your mood and feelings change into erotic and happy tunes. They have different types of niches and hardcore is professionally filmed. So why join WowPorn? They got updates, bonus galleries, sexy content, and experience. They also have HD and high res images. They got fantastically gorgeous ladies, and it is clear that you get other advantages once inside. You should join.


CumLouder Discount

New Discount for CumLouder

$9.95 for 30 Days

$7.45 every month for 365 Days


Some people say that inside this network called CumLouder there is actual dynamite content from various great niches of hardcore. Just read some of the pornsites they have – Latin Asses In Public, Street Suckers, Handjob Goddess, Cocks XL, Bitch Confessions, Stunning Butts, Boobs Day, etc. What these pornsites will influence you to do is achieve loving cumshots as you watch and enjoy. It’s not complicated, you place your trust in them, and they deliver hardcore porn, simple. To get to the porn, you sign up and go to the homepage. Then you get information on all the latest updates they have made. They are responsible for producing hundreds of videos with run time being between 30 to 50 minutes.


Our CumLouder Review

You will be able to see they have high-resolution galleries of images in formats that go to 3000pxl res. Matching the jpegs are the videos for they are HD videos. They have mp4, wmv, and flv file for streaming. At the time of penning this review, the network is pumping daily updates for you to watch. It’s true that once you are inside you are going to be alright cause the content is fresh, it’s pretty and it’s hardcore! Now what are the low highlights about this network? First of all the pornsites inside are many yes, but some have now settled on being rather lazy in updating. This means some are truly dormant.

Anyway, there isn’t much else to rant about except some of the older movies can have weaker resolution than the HD files nowadays updated. The CumLouder discount gives the Spanish sexy models and pornstars room to excel and fuck. Latina bodies just beg to be used when you see the sexy tan lines, the soft round goodness, and dripping tight holes. Brazilians and Latina females are also known for having such wide variety of asses.

They are beautiful with long hair. More variety is inside once you are ready. The network also produces what is called spoof comedy porn, thrillers, mainstream hardcore, etc. Presentation is key to every online pornsite in existence. It the first thing that gets you, and this network is very well presented. Models are listed, layout has links to the video viewing options you will need. The websites also have tags for searching, functionality has been enhanced.

A network such as CumLouder wins over your attraction through being a leading producer and through giving you hundreds of Spanish babes. They know exactly what they need their content to accomplish and thus have reduced the crappy movies to nonexistent inside their galleries. They have been waiting for a long time to reach this peak condition, they update, you just need to join and enjoy. Special? Yes indeed!


Playboy Plus Discount

New Discount for Playboy Plus

$14.95 for 30 Days

$9.95 every month for 365 Days


Playboy Plus notoriety partly comes from being a branch of the mighty empire that has always been Playboy. The proportion of material they have now is tremendously bigger. This is because they have added more celebrities into their collection, bunnies, models, pornstars, and amateurs. Back in the era when popular porn was in high glossy fashionable magazines, these guys ruled with an iron grip! They were the best; they attracted all the fame and controversy. Everyone knew what they were about from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and now they are moving on to the internet domain.


Our Playboy Plus Review

They have more than 6000 scenes and so many pictures, 4000+ models. Access for this particular pornsite gives you generational archives of the best material Playboy has ever produced. The quality of the website is just like the quality of the entire franchise, simply amazing! Professionalism is all over the place and they have used their brand power to work with the latest Hollywood celebrities and find the best new gorgeous models. You will be able to see the famous faces once inside. Your membership means you are conspiring with a leading pioneer in all things that deal with nudity, grace, beauty, and erotic. From our point of view, this is definitely not a bad partnership to have, let’s discover more.

The main pointers you need to know about the content inside is that they have amateurs, cyber girls, playmates, celebs, coed girls, internationals. Each category has thumbnail to preview. Arrangement is through rating, most watched, and latest additions. The other big menu leads you to videos, girls, gallery. They spare no expense when it comes to showing you high quality streaming formats that you can enjoy. You get HD streams of 1080p resolution. Depending on what the videos is aiming for, you get full nudity and nothing too vile explicit like bukkake hardcore. They deal with sophisticated stuff here.

All pics and videos are linked, interlinked, finding similar stuff is easy. For quicker browsing of the content, you can use the niches given. If you want vintage, you get options for going back where the quality will not be so high quality like recent stuff. The gallery for models is arranged to be easily handled by the user. Members have browsing and zip file formats to download. Tasteful stripping and posing, art erotica, softcore, nude modeling picture shoots are the normal things you’ll find inside. Articles are also a big part of the Playboy experience and you get them inside this site.

There is need to reiterate the magnitude of the Playboy Plus discount provided and the company backing this website, since everything inside is too gorgeous to miss. You need a pass; you need to never miss out on anything else once you become a member. Do it today.