Corn On My Doorstep


They say good fences make good neighbors. Well, I say good neighbors give you a dozen ears of┬ábi-color corn fresh from the fields of Amish country, PA. That’s what I found on my doorstep this morning, after my neighbors across the street dropped it off. They love to visit the Amish region of Pennsylvania, just across the Maryland border. Last year, they became hooked on the field-fresh corn that they could get when they visited. They brought it home by the crate full!

I have been fortunate enough to be the benefactor of their generousity when they haul a bunch of ears home. As I did last year, I make a large batch of cheddar corn chowder (it’s veeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrry good-check it out!), and share some with my neighbors as way of saying “thank you”. And this batch of corn came just in time to rescue me from the rather horrid, bland and starchy corn I picked up from the market last Friday. It’s firm, crisp, sweet and juicy. Just heavenly to nibble on for breakfast.

Does anyone else’s butter look like this during the summer? It can’t be just me! I like to cook an ear (I nuked mine this morning) and while it’s good and hot, I sit it on top of a stick of butter and let it get the butter melted. Then I roll it around, slathering each kernal. A pinch of kosher salt, and it’s time for eating. We all enjoyed it!


So, where are you finding this year’s best corn? Do share!

9 Responses to “Corn On My Doorstep”

  1. You’re right, PA has the best corn! Amish country is great, but so is Adams county corn (Gettysburg area)

  2. I think PA and NJ are both fantastic. Jersey tomatoes…mmmmmm.

  3. ooh, that corn looks so awesome!

  4. That corn looks good enough to eat. It makes me so hungry for fresh corn dripping with butter. We have u-pick just down the road ,now I can hardly wait for it to be ready. Nice pic

  5. Corn and butter with salt and pepper…theres nothing better! I get my corn at the local market here in Tampa Fl

  6. Butter overload! Wish we lived near Amish country. That’s some beautiful corn.

  7. butter… try mashed ripe avocado – messy to eat but it’s good :)

  8. Haha, I have never seen a dog eat sweet corn! :) Our local grocery store (Garden Fresh) had some good sweet corn the other day. I love when its speckled with white kernels!

  9. Hi Hillary,
    My dogs love corn, but only the two pictured ‘get’ how to eat it off the cob. It’s a pretty funny site.

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