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Fakehub is a single platform for six different porn sites that use “Fake” as a prefix in their name. This includes, Fake taxi, fake agents and fake doctors etc. along with other guys who charm their way in to these girls’ pants. This is also a good bet, since it provides you with the unbiased content of all these 6 sites for the price of only one, which is a huge no brainer to argue.


Our FakeHub Review

Fakehub acts as a centralized storage for all these 6 porn sites, where unsuspecting girls are duped and filmed while having sex by professional pickup artists. When anyone of these 6 sites updates their individual sites with a video or an image gallery, it is automatically updated here at this site, which makes it a regularly updated site. When a member logs in the site, the first thing he or she sees is the recent updates made by these sites. The network also provides HD qualities 1080p video scenes from all over the six sites. In fake taxi, a taxi driver roams the streets of London, picking up girls as fares and then duping them into having sex with him.

Fake agents set up different offices in Europe and call up girls to audition them, while the girls have no idea about what an agent can ask them to legally do. Fake Doctor, features a doctor who deceives young patients into having sex with them using different medical diagnosis and techniques. The doctor is so smart that the girls do not realize that they are being sexually trapped till the end. The only way to pay the doctor is to give up and undress.

There are more than 1600 videos available at Fakehub, all of which are exclusively shot and most of them can be viewed online directly via the HD player the site provides, while they can also be downloaded to view them at a later time. The site does not provide any photo sets or galleries, but it sure makes up for them by providing extremely impeccable HD videos. These cameras maybe hidden, but they surely do not compromise on the quality of the video as most of these videos are of either 720p or 1080p. All the old movies are also remastered to match up to 1080p.

The Fakehub discount membership packages vary from trial membership to yearly membership. The trial membership package costs $1 for 3 days, during which the user can view all the contents of these six amazing sites for 3 straight days. After this, the package continues as monthly package unless the subscription is cancelled. The monthly package costs $25. 3 months of subscription costs $60. Moreover, the yearly subscription of amazing and stunning British and European girls costs $110.
The content on each individual website is added once or twice a week, but at the network, the site is updated once or even twice a day. This makes it a very regularly updated site with huge upside potential.