Lavender Moon Cupcakery- 116 South Royal Street In Old Town Alexandria

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Are cupcakes the new black where you live? In the Washington DC area, cupcakes are the latest accesory-the culinary equivalent of the birkin bag. Goodbye boutique pizza, sianora sushi, and hamburger, who? While Washington DC’s Hello Cupcake opened to lines wrapped out the door and up the street, Tammy and Peter Durkin quietly began serving delicous cupcakes out of their Old Town store.

cupckery9-500.jpgBeyond simple white lace curtains that line the windows of Lavender Moon Cupcakery are bold raspberry-striped walls, faux painted by a local artist. In two rooms, high ceilings don fixtures that range from utilitarian, bare light bulbs to soft crystal chandeliers purchased from Decorium Gift and Home on King Street. On the counter in back, buttercream-coiffed cupcakes perch upon cake pedestals behind a tall glass shield, while a brick fireplace across the small room suggests that perhaps, it once warmed a family home.

cupcakery6-500.jpg“We’ve been restoring the home for 4 months” said Tammy, wife of Peter Durkin, who also co-owns Chadwicks in Old Town. She added “we’re waiting for an armoire and hope to put a bar (across the front) so people can have a place eat their cupcakes”. In addition to cupcakes, plans are being made to serve organic teas, gelato and hot chocolate. Meanwhile they are looking into obtaining a license to serve food and install a kitchen. “It took 9 months for (Fontaine Caffe & Creperie) across the street to obtain a license”, noted Tammy.

cupcakery4-500.jpgAs Lavender Moon Cupcakery evolves, Tammy hopes to increase sourcing local, organic ingredients. She needs to find an egg supplier that can handle the volume, and already uses Kingsbury Chocolate in their cupcakes. “Kingsbury’s Lavender Chocolate bars are used in the cupcakes we have today”, Tammy added, ”I’m going to be supplied with local lavender honey also”.

cupcakery-500.jpgLavender Moon Cupcakes are made twice daily in the kitchen at Chadwick’s. Today’s selection included Chocolate Lavender, Vanilla Lemon Curd, Mexican Chocolate Pudding Buttermilk Chocolate (Durkin uses buttermilk so the sweet cinnamon chocolate can act as a foil against the salt in the buttermilk), Devils Food filled with Peanut Butter Ganache, Passion Fruit Mousse Stuffed Pistachio Vanilla, Summer Peach Mint (made with fresh peaches from the farmers market bought early in the morning), Vanilla Vanilla, Chocolate Chocolate and Espresso Meringue.

cupcakery11-500.jpgIn the interest of gastronomic journalism (read-a great excuse to indulge!), Frank and I bought 3 cupcakes and sampled two as soon as we got back home. The Vanilla Lemon Curd topped with a fresh raspberry had vanilla-flecked frosting swirled high, and thick lemony curd piped into moist vanilla cake. Devils Food filled with Peanut Butter Ganache was a delightful surprise with a flavor combination that reminded both of us of a treasured childhood treat–a Tastykake. Again, the frosting was creamy, topped with a dark brown, shiny ganache, and the chocolate cake was rich and moist.

 cupcakery2-500.jpgThe Mexican Chocolate Pudding Buttermilk Chocolate cupcake was thoroughly enjoyed with cup of coffee the next morning. It survived the night just fine in an airtight container. The Mexican Chocolate Pudding that filled the white cupcake was kissed with cinnamon and the cake was still held together with moisture.

Despite the modest and certainly understated opening of Lavender Moon Cupcakery, this store is selling thoughtful, creative and spot on delicious cupcakes-right out of the shoot. It is my belief that a faithful following will grow along with Peter and Tammy’s store.

Cupcakes sell for $3 a piece, a dozen for $30. They also sell “Tammy’s Teas” for $3, and sodas, juices and water for $2.

Lavender Moon Cupcakery

116 South Royal Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Telephone and Website TBD

19 Responses to “Lavender Moon Cupcakery- 116 South Royal Street In Old Town Alexandria”

  1. I think I’m sold on the Mexican Chocolate cupcake. Wow- that sounds delicious. Thanks for reporting on this new place; I had no idea it was opening and look forward to trying it soon.

  2. Thanks for the update! I was wondering when they would open. The Vanilla Lemon Curd and Passion Fruit Mousse Stuffed Pistachio Vanilla sound fantastic, but my interest really peaked in the Summer Peach Mint. Can’t wait to give them a try!!

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  4. I didn’t have any idea that they had cupcakes in Old Town I’m super exicted about it!! I work right near here so this might be my new lunch spot!

  5. Sorry, disappointed. Still not getting what all the fuss is about for the money. The icings are nicely done, however the cakes are so-so, and the paper was actually falling off one of the ones we bought. The cakes filled only half the paper cup, giving a skimpy impression. Following the cupcakes wars for the fun of it!

  6. Nothing special. Very overpriced due to the location. Very beautiful icing but the taste will not leave much of an impression. Nice to give a box as a gift to your boss or mother if you don’t mind droping 30 bucks for a dozen.
    I guess I’m dissappointed due to excepting an Marie Antionette type of induligence and decor’ with an, “welcome to all” type of attitude. Left wanting more.

  7. Thanks for your input, Molly Ann. Thanks for reading! Have you tried Buzz Bakery capcakes? If so, how to they stack up?

  8. I am an absolute cupcake fiend, and IMHO these are the best cupcakes I’ve had so far in the wash DC area.

    Moist cake, outrageous icings, and excellent flavors! I don’t know which flavors Molly Ann tried, but I have not been disappointed with a single one.

    Best so far:
    Lavender Chocolate
    Mexican Chocolate
    Pumpkin Spice (new for fall)
    Lemon Curd
    Triple Chocolate
    … I must be forgetting a few.

    The taste and texture lets you know they are hand made with great care with excellent ingredients. Lavender chocolate simply melts in your mouth! If you like fresh, gooey, decadent treats, I recommend you give it a try.

    I was a big fan of Buzz cupcakes until I found these. I’m a convert. Totally different league!

  9. good job!! good luck!!


  10. These cupcakes were amazing! I only come to the DC area once or twice a year and happened to stumble upon the store. I will be telling anyone who will listen about these delicious treats!! And I’ll be going back as soon as I can!

  11. That’s fantastic, Amanda! I’m so happy that you enjoyed the cupcakes, and go to visit Old Town!

  12. Lavendar Moon Cupcakes is the best Cupcakery in the DC area!

    Pumpkin fennel with cream cheese icing
    Buttermilk Vanillia with Mexican chocolate pudding and chocolate icing
    Lemon Curd (Tastes like a lemon bar but 10 times better!)
    Vanilla Vanilla – I would eat one everyday (but i would get fat)
    Carmel Apple – Oh my gosh, party in your mouth
    Boston Cream- This is amazing, Buttermilk vanilla cupcake filled with boston cream covered with a chocolate glaze. It is a million times better than the donut

    Orange Creamsicle- First of all, I am a traditionalist and didn’t think I would enjoy this type of cupcake, but I was so wrong. The vanilla cake is made with fresh mandarine oranges and the orange icing is sweet with just the right orange tartness. Perfect!

    I love this place and will be back for more!

  13. I love cupcakes! I’ve tried the mexican chocolate, but I am not a fan. I think it has to much of a powder taste. While I do love the triple chocolate, my husband loves the Hummingbird cupcake (it’s a secret cupcake, only special OT people know about it)!
    You can also try Best Buns — they have an amazing chocolate cupcake with butter cream frosting.

  14. Loved it! I got the Steelers cupcake, along with the mexican chocolate and the lemon filled vanilla. Hands down my favorite cupcake place yet. The cupcakes were moist and a generous size. The price is a bit cheaper than their competitors – $3 flat isn’t like $3.75 for others in DC. Cash/check only – no CC!

  15. Thanks, Mindy! I was there the day before the Super Bowl. We got the flourless chocolate and the orange creamsickle. I agree–great cupcakes. The orange was especially good with really creamy, tasty icing.

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  17. I work in Old Town Alexandria and tasted some of Lavender Moon’s cupcakes when they were handing them out at Chadwick’s during HH. The Pina Colada with grilled pineapple was quite good that night! Finally made it to the store last night and after tasting the Mexican Chocolate, Tira Misu and the Gluten Free Chocolate/Chocolate cupcake, I have to say Lavender beats Buzz Bakery & Cafe on the whole. Buzz cupcakes were the bomb until a couple of years ago when they became really dry. I dig Lavender’s icings because they are not too too sweet but their cakes are too dense and bordering on dry in some cases. I LOVE that they have a GF option! Georgetown Cupcake still has my cupcake lover’s heart even though their icing is a bit on the ostentatious side. The cake is so airy, moist and absolute perfection! 6 GC cupcakes are $15 whereas LM’s are $18. I will make the drive to Georgetown every time!

  18. Simply the BEST. Never have cupckes before… but after having cupckes at the Lavender Moon – in Alexandria, I became a big fun, my daughters and I. Great job – gret quality

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